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Player Profile: Kenny Pickett

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 217 lbs

School: Pitt

NFL Comparison: Joe Burrow (with less swag)

Why you’re drafting him…

Pickett has been VERY fun to watch lately and is looking to bring his talents to the NFL in the Fall. He’s most famously known for his fake slide but don’t sleep on him as a legitimate quarterback. My favorite thing about Pickett is his pocket presence. He’s got great awareness and doesn’t seem to panic when the pocket breaks down. He can easily use his legs to get out of trouble and either take off with the ball or throw it on the run.  Pickett plays the game with extreme confidence and has good ball placement as well. His mistakes are limited and he seemingly can fit the ball in some seriously tight windows. Some are concerned with his late breakout, but I’d argue that getting to see year-after-year improvement out of him proves that he’s a good quarterback and is only going to keep getting better. It’s also worth mentioning that he can be a legitimate dual-threat at quarterback. I’m not saying he’s the type of guy that will challenge Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen for the QB rushing title, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see him routinely put up 500-600 yards on the ground. There’s a lot to like about Pickett.

Needs to improve…

He’s gotta make his hands bigger (kidding). The Twitter spaces blew up with comments of Pickett’s tiny hands, stating that he’ll have THE smallest hands of any starting NFL quarterback. Usually I wouldn’t pay attention to this, but he did have quite the amount of fumbles in college and this could potentially be a big factor. No matter how good of a quarterback he is, if he’s fumbling the ball every other game… Well, his career won’t last very long. Pickett also doesn’t have the strongest arm in the class, but he definitely makes up for that in other areas of his game. Ball security and strength are the two big things I’d like to see him improve on.

Prediction for 2022 NFL Draft…

Pickett should easily be a top-11 pick in the NFL Draft (I say 11 because there are 4 or 5 QB-needy teams that select in the top 11) and he just may be the first quarterback taken. While his measurements at the combine haven’t helped his case to be that #1 guy, I can’t imagine NFL teams to sour on him THAT much. I’m expecting Pickett to be starting in Carolina, Denver or Washington in 2022.

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

Pickett is a tough one. On one hand, we could have the next Joe Burrow. On the other hand, we could have the next Daniel Jones… It’s really up to Pickett. I am taking a cautious approach with Pickett, though the upside is enough to have him as my QB2 overall of this draft class. In 1QB leagues, it’s tough to imagine him being selected in the 1st round, but then again stranger things have happened. I’m guessing that his ADP will be sitting around 2.02-2.07  in 1QB leagues. Superflex will tell a different story. If he’s the first quarterback drafted in real-life, he’ll make a case as a top-3 pick in those rookie drafts. Regardless of the landing spot, taking him that early would be too rich for my blood. I’d anticipate selecting him somewhere in the 1.05-1.10 range in 2QB leagues.

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