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Player Profile: Kenneth Walker

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 210 lbs

School: Michigan State

NFL Comparison: Miles Sanders

Why you’re drafting him…

Walker initially played at Wake Forest, where he had a shared workload for two years before taking his talents to Michigan State to be the lead back. With Michigan State, Walker produced 1,636 yards and 18 touchdowns off of 263 attempts. He’s an angry runner but also a graceful one. Walker is the type of player that can juke you out on one play and run right through you on the next. His footwork, agility and ability to make the quick cut is tremendous. Combining that with the strength that he has is almost unfair. Another area that Walker really excels at is his patience and vision. Oftentimes, incoming running backs have a tendency to get ahead of themselves when the play starts… but it’s not something we’ll have to worry about with Walker. As a true runner, Kenneth Walker may be the best in the 2022 class.

Needs to improve…

Many say that Walker can be a competent receiver at the next level, but I have a hard time understanding where this argument comes from. In 32 games, Walker caught a total of 19 passes which he took for under 140 yards and only 1 touchdown. His pass-protection is unconvincing and could seriously jeopardize him from having any sort of legitimate third-down role. He’s going to be an absolute force on the ground, but due to his limitations out of the backfield, I’d be very surprised to ever see him in the “workhorse” role that we hope the top rookie RBs will receive. If he can put it all together then he’ll have a VERY successful career (both for real life and for fantasy managers), but as of this moment, his receiving ability/track record are going to put a serious cap to his ceiling.

Prediction for 2022 NFL Draft…

I suspect Walker will be one of the first three running backs off of the board and may even have a chance to be the very first one selected. While there are a handful of teams that could definitely use his talent, I’d expect him to land with Buffalo, Tampa Bay or Houston near the round 2/round 3 turn.

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

There are people that have Kenneth Walker as their #1 running back. There are people that have him as their #1 overall rookie… and then there are a handful (myself included) that only have him in the top-5 overall. I mentioned before that I am concerned with his upside as a receiver, which in today’s NFL, is pretty much a necessity. He’s currently sitting at RB3 (#4 player overall) for me which is probably the highest he’ll be on my list regardless of his real-life landing spot. A solid spot, such as Buffalo, would keep him at the 1.04 for me. However, if he does land in a rough situation, such as Houston, he could be bumped out of my top-5 overall players. Regardless, the running back position is highly sought after in these rookie drafts and I can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll need a top-5 pick to land him for your squad. 

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