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Player Profile: Garrett Wilson

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 188 lbs

School: Ohio State

NFL Comparison: Jaylen Waddle

Why you’re drafting him…

Wilson is going to be a very good receiver in the NFL. He’s a speedy player that runs a beautiful route, is shifty as all hell and is a big play waiting to happen. Every year, there’s a player in the draft that draws comparisons to Tyreek Hill and it’s a label that is misused constantly. Hill is fast but he has a very rare route running ability, and that’s not something that a lot of receivers can live up to. This was something I saw last year in Jaylen Waddle and is something I am seeing this year in Garrett Wilson. His release off of the line is arguably best in this year’s class and being able to combine that with top-level speed is a deadly combination. We’ve seen guys like Hill and Waddle used as deep threats but also as dink-and-dunk players that make people miss in the open field and that’s exactly what we’re going to get with Wilson as well. It’s easy to assume that he’ll get a lot of touches as a pro and depending on the landing spot could see a fairly big workload as a rookie due to his explosiveness.

Needs to improve…

Wilson has excellent hands but is guilty of some terrible drops. I’m not sure if this was a focus issue or just getting too ahead of himself on the play, but this is obviously something I’d like to see him work on. The good news is that we know he CAN catch the ball so if he can get out of his head a bit, he should be able to fix this right up. He’s also not the biggest guy out there, and while I wouldn’t say his size is a concern, there is some concern with his ability on the contested catch. A player with his skillset won’t need to rely on the contested catch too often but I can see him struggling in that aspect of his game.

Prediction for 2022 NFL Draft…

Wilson projects to be one of the first three receivers selected on draft day. There is almost no possibility that he isn’t selected on day one. My most likely landing spots for him include Philadelphia (#15, #16 or #19), New Orleans at #18 or Las Vegas at #22.

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

I have been battling with myself as to who is going to be my top-rated rookie receiver in the 2022 class, but Wilson has remained firmly in my top-two the entire time. For most, I think it’ll come down to Wilson vs Treylon Burks, with Burks the more likely to come out on top in the rankings. Regardless of being the best or the 2nd best receiver in the class, Wilson is going to be well-worth a top-5 pick in those rookie drafts. While I do tend to favor the running backs, I wouldn’t be upset with anyone if they wanted to spend a top-3 pick on Wilson. He’s got a high floor and a ton of potential and should be treated as one of the premier rookies to land in those drafts this off-season.

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