By Mikey Ostrowski

The off-season is one of the best times of the year for dynasty players because there is so much excitement! We get the NFL Draft, free agency, and the endless possibilities of reshaping our dynasty rosters ahead of next season.

However, the off-season ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, as we are faced with some very difficult decisions. What do I need to do to improve my team? Who should we be selling? Who should we be buying? This article (part one of three) highlights four players that I believe should be sold as soon possible due to their potential decrease in perceived value as a result of free agency and/or the draft.

Keep in mind that not all players you sell are going to yield you the big bucks, but you still need to recognize when it’s time to sell a player. Lets get into it with our first guy on the list…

Mecole Hardman

Mecole Hardman has been “okay” for fantasy but never really lived up to the hype. We never expected anything massive out of him, but we did expect better numbers from the guy that was perceived to be Patrick Mahomes’ WR2. As a big-play threat, Hardman has had his fair share of notable fantasy moments. However, he’s only had one game over the last two seasons where he went for over 20 PPR points. He’s also only amounted 145 targets over that span despite never missing any games. If I had to guess, the Chiefs are going to be in the market for a solid receiver to line up opposite of Tyreek Hill, which would obviously be awful for Hardman’s fantasy value. You’re not going to get a massive return for him, but if you can afford to lose the depth, try selling him for a future 2nd round (or something along those lines) before another receiver comes to town. You may be surprised at how many people out there are fans of Mecole Hardman.

Ke’Shawn Vaughn

There’s always going to be a market for underwhelming running backs that have an opportunity for a bigger workload on the horizon, and Vaughn perfectly fits the bill. As of right now, Vaughn is the only noteworthy running back in Tampa Bay. Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones are set to hit free agency, leaving Vaughn with the chance to become “the guy” in that backfield. However, there’s almost no chance that a guy who has done nothing in the first two years of his career is handed the reins to a backfield. There will be competition brought in (or even retained if they can convince Lenny to stick around) and to assume anything else is just irresponsible. For Vaughn, the best case scenario would be a timeshare with a new running back, and that’s not something that should excite anyone. There are a handful of people out there that think Vaughn is going to have the opportunity to be the starting running back for the Bucs… and that’s awesome for you. Stick him on the trade block and see what kind of offers you can get. Similarly to Hardman, if anyone offered me a 2nd round pick or even an early 3rd/prospect, I’d happily accept.

Devin Singletary

Singletary played amazing for Buffalo in the last bit of the season and was able to silence the “Buffalo is going to draft a top RB” crowd for a little while. However, that possibility still exists and is a lot more realistic than people think it is. Buffalo can afford to take one of the top running backs with their 2nd round pick, or even reach on THE top guy at pick #25. There are also rumors circulating that they could be in touch with Carolina to inquire about Christian McCaffrey which would obviously destroy any value that Singletary still carries. According to some of the more popular trade calculators, Singletary is worth an early 2nd round rookie pick (1QB) and that’s an asset that I would strongly consider accepting if offered to me. Trading him away could backfire if Buffalo doesn’t do anything to their backfield, but I’d say that it’s fairly unlikely to expect Singletary to be their main running back in 2022. No matter who goes there, he’s still going to have a role, but he won’t be able to replicate his late-season numbers from 2021. The perfect time to sell was in the middle of his hot streak, but the window hasn’t fully shut just yet.

Mike Gesicki

Gesicki is an unrestricted free agent and the possibilities are endless. Staying put in Miami would definitely be one of the more “fantasy friendly” outcomes, but sadly it seems that he’s already got one foot out the door. There are a couple of places he could go where his fantasy upside could increase (such as the Chargers or Titans), but a majority of the potential landing spots would likely hurt his production. Almost every single team in the NFL could use a guy like Gesicki at the tight end position, and while it sounds great that there should be a big market for him, it’s actually quite the opposite. Remember when Austin Hooper balled out in Atlanta just to disappear in Cleveland? What about Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith going to New England? The issue is that the tight end position is incredibly versatile and the roles change depending on what any given team needs from their tight ends. Sure, you could hold 2021’s TE8 in case he does go to a good situation for next season, but I think you’d be wise to shop him. There are so many negative possibilities and there’s a half decent chance that we just saw Gesicki’s ceiling season. With Gesicki currently valued at the 2.03, if you’re well-off at the tight end position and don’t want to risk losing value in free agency, I’d highly recommend sticking him on the trade block… there are likely a handful of TE-needy teams in your league that would love to have him.

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