Welcome to Week 14 my friends as we get you prepared for some great bargain plays this week. Thanks for all of you asking where the last two weeks of bargain bins have been as I was sick, but I’m back and we’re not going to review the past because who cares how we did three weeks ago! The time is now! Wow, isn’t it crazy how it’s already week 14?! This season is flying!

Let’s get back on track here and get you some bargain bin plays for week 14!

Joe Burrow, Quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals ($6,000)

Looking at quarterbacks this week, they are worth paying up for in my mind this week, and the lowest I feel comfortable going is as low as Burrow. Dislocated pinky? Exactly! I see the field avoiding Burrow this week because of his dislocated finger. He was still able to play through it and should be good enough to go this week. He hasn’t had a multi passing touchdown week since week 8, but he has been using his legs over the last couple of weeks and getting touchdowns that way. If Joe Mixon is out or limited, I like Burrow even more as his confidence in running is there. JUST SLIDE! Listen to Aaron Rodgers. The San Francisco 49ers have a pretty good defense, but the Bengals need to get back on track. Will they win? Maybe… but Joe Burrow knows how to get the ball down the field. Get Ja’Marr Chase back into fantasy relevancy! I can see another 300-yard game, with multiple passing touchdowns this week. When everyone will zig from Burrow, I’m definitely building a few lineups with him in it!

Saquon Barkley, Running Back, New York Giants ($6,000)

Saquon Barkley hasn’t been the Saquon Barkley that we have been hoping for this year. I like Barkley this week because this has been the cheapest he has been all year, which makes total sense since he hasn’t scored since week 4 and hasn’t scored over 20 DK points since then. It’s scary also to know that Daniel Jones is out this week, Mike Glennon too is possibly out. Who the hell is starting for the New York Giants? Jake Fromm ($4,800) who was just signed off the Buffalo Bills practice squad. What’s a backup quarterback’s best friend? The running back. What do they usually like to do? Check down to their running back. Over the last three games Saquon Barkley has been targeted 20 times, and I see that trend continuing this week getting around 10 targets and hopefully more than 15 rushing attempts to get back up and going. The touchdown drought has been tough to eat, but I have a feeling this week it comes to an end and we have a true Saquon Barkley week that we will enjoy.

Antonio Gibson, Running Back, Washington Football Team ($6,000)

24, 19, 29, 23. That’s not his weekly fantasy total, that’s the amount of carries Gibson has had over the last four weeks. 95 carries over this time period is insane and you throw in the targets and we’re looking at 108 total opportunities! Then just the last two weeks alone he had 36 and 29 opportunities at $6,000! Yes please! The Football Team will be riding their bell-cow back to go up against Dallas, Philly in back to back to back to back (confusing enough?) or just each twice over the next 4 weeks. Enjoy this opportunity while you can, especially this week at this banging price as he should have every opportunity to go over 24 DK points. Book it!

Amari Cooper, Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys ($5,900)

Week 13 I laughed when I saw that Amari Cooper was listed for $6,000, knowing that he was going to be “limited” and on a snap count coming off the COVID-19 list, it just made sense that he would put up little or no fantasy points. Just like that he caught two passes for 41 yards. It’s funny how his lack of performance, which I expected, dropped his cost down this week. Not to brag, only saving $100 this week is a massive bargain, but it’s Amari Cooper! I love his matchup against the Football Team as they have one of the worst, if not the worst secondaries in the league. Dak Prescott looks different when he doesn’t have his star receivers in CeeDee Lamb ($7,200) and Amari Cooper in the lineup. I love the chances of Cooper getting into the end zone this week and giving us a game like he had back in week 8 (8/122/1) with seeing at or above 13 targets as this passing game is looking more promising than the running game.

Julio Jones, Wide Receiver, Tennessee Titans ($5,400)

Oh Julio Jones, how have you fallen from grace? But has he? No, actually it’s been the hamstring injury that has killed him this season and caused him to massively drop from his WR1 days. He is eligible to come off the IR and put in a practice Wednesday. He’s looking on the up and up and I hope he can play this week. No AJ Brown should benefit Julio Jones as he has never had an issue being that WR1 and taking the majority of targets. He hasn’t had anymore than eight targets this season, but also hasn’t had a full game with no AJ Brown in the lineup. Could we see the vintage Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones this week? Absolutely, it’s Jacksonville. It’s the team to get right against. Look at what the Rams did to them last week. Welcome back, Julio Jones, and with this price you will be in as many lineups as possible… as long as you’re back!

Joshua Palmer, Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Chargers ($3,000)

Talk about a bargain-bin play this week. First we hear Keenan Allen goes on the Covid-19 list, so I get excited and originally had Mike Williams on here thinking he would turn back into the early-season wide receiver that we loved, especially at his “cheap” $6,000 price tag. Then here I am driving home Wednesday night and I see Mike Williams is added to the Covid-19 list. Will he play? Will he not play? If he plays AND Keenan Allen is out, I will definitely be swapping him out. If BOTH Keenan and Mike are both out (yes, our friendship is on a first-name basis) I love this deep, deep find in Joshua Palmer. He hasn’t scored 10 points at all this season, and hasn’t seen any more than four targets the whole season. But that deep route, I know he has it in him to fill in for either Mike Williams or Keenan Allen. Especially if Keenan Allen is out, I really like Palmer to play that slot role and make a name for himself in week 14. I see more players going for Jalen Guyton, that’s why I’m zagging and looking for a high opportunity with lower ownership in Palmer.

Austin Hooper, Tight End, Cleveland Browns ($3,400)

It was funny at around this same time last year, Austin Hooper was looking like he was starting to live up to his 4 year/$42M contract he signed with the Browns. This year, he’s still looking like that mediocre tight end. This week though, I just love his matchup against the Baltimore Ravens and their bottom barrel defense against the tight end position. Plus Baltimore’s defense is just getting worse as they took another blow to their defense and lost standout cornerback Marlon Humphrey for the year. Ouch. This defense is crumbling right before our eyes. This is exactly why I’m taking the 17th-most expensive tight end this week and starting him against Baltimore. Pat Freiermuth struggled to do anything against them, but Hooper should be a check-down safety blanket for the injured Baker Mayfield. Lots of check downs and a week where Hooper is actually relevant.


Josh Jacobs, Running Back, Las Vegas Raiders ($6,200)

Wow, I just must really like the higher-end running backs this week with Jacobs being my highest price. Why not? He has been solid the last two weeks as he’s been more involved in the passing game. Yes, when they trail, he doesn’t get the ball as much, but that has been changing with Darren Waller being out of the lineup. Will that change once Waller comes back? I don’t see it. Jacobs is looking extremely good. Sure the Raiders got blown out a couple weeks ago against the Chiefs, but I don’t see that happening again. Look at how the Raiders kept up with the Cowboys… yeah, sure, that was without Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb. But still, I like the way this offense is starting to click and I like the shootout potential this game could have even against the Chiefs top fantasy defense over the last few weeks. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Jacobs north of 100 total yards and a touchdown.


Cleveland Browns ($2,700)

Lamar Jackson can burn any defense with his legs alone, but I think that with the way the Ravens have been descending, I see that continuing this week against a division foe in Cleveland. This game should be a low scoring one and another struggle for the Ravens to handle, especially being the away team. The Cleveland Browns are trying to get into the playoffs still. I see the Browns scoring quickly as the Ravens defense hasn’t been able to contain anyone, even Ben Roethlisberger last week. The Browns should force Lamar Jackson and the Ravens to throw, and we have seen some of Jackson’s worst games during this stretch. Should that continue for the Ravens? I think so, but don’t be surprised if this game is won 21-10 by the Browns either. The Ravens are looking worse than their record, kind of like last year when the Steelers started hot and collapsed, just like how the Ravens are playing at the moment.

Good luck this week!!!

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