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Player Profile: Matt Corral

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 205 lbs

School: Ole Miss

NFL Comparison: Daniel Jones

Why you’re drafting him…

Corral is a natural athlete and has definitely made a name for himself in college football over the last two seasons. The first thing you notice when watching Corral is his ability to take off with the ball in his hands. When the pocket collapses, he stays calm in the face of danger and finds a way to get some sort of positive yardage on the play. He’s twitchy when he gets running and is not going to be an easy target for opposing defenders. As a passer, you’ve got to admire the way he takes care of the ball. In 2021, he threw the ball 386 times and was only picked off 5 times, which was a notable improvement after throwing 13 in 2020. He’s developed into an excellent decision maker and has really cut down on those avoidable mistakes. Corral seems to know when a pass isn’t there, and will opt to take it himself or make the easy check down rather than throwing the risky 50/50 ball.

Needs to improve…

As a runner, he’s awesome. However, as a passer there’s a lot left to be desired. His deep ball is accurate, but he’s far from having a strong arm. I worry that he’ll have a hard time with making those big, game-changing throws at the next level. He strikes me as one of those players that was really fun to watch in college, but his skill set may have a hard time translating to the NFL. I wouldn’t put all the blame on him, but his play style is going to be a tough one to keep up with given his under-average size for the typical mobile quarterback in today’s game. Then again, if he can put on a few pounds without sacrificing speed, he could put himself in a spot to succeed.

Prediction for 2022 NFL Draft…

It seems that Malik Willis and Kenny Pickett are the top favorites to be the 1st quarterback selected on draft day, but Corral shouldn’t be too far behind them. He’s a near-lock to be selected on day one, as a handful of teams could utilize his talents. Expect him to go at #9 to Seattle, #18 to New Orleans or #20 to Pittsburgh.

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

Corral is one of those players that is being mock-drafted all over the place. In 1QB leagues, you can expect him to fly off the board in the mid-to-late 2nd round. Chances are, he’ll be selected after Willis but could go before Pickett for fantasy purposes. In 2QB/SF leagues, I’d expect him to be drafted somewhere between the 1.08 and 1.12. However, if he lands in Pittsburgh with the arsenal of offensive weapons that they have there, he could catapult himself into the 1.01 conversation.

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