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Player Profile: Jahan Dotson

Penn State wide receiver Jahan Dotson make a leaping catch during the second quarter on Sept. 18, 2021. Joe Hermitt |

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 184 lbs

School: Penn State

NFL Comparison: Darnell Mooney

Why you’re drafting him…

Dotson was very impressive at Penn State. Seemingly open on every single play, Dotson managed 91 receptions for 1,182 yards and 12 touchdowns as a senior. He saw a gradual role increase each year in college, which led to year-over-year improvements on the stat sheet. Going into my evaluation, I was skeptical on Dotson, and admittedly, I still am. However, he does plenty of things that will make you “oooo and ahhh”. First things first: his hands are fantastic. Dotson catches everything thrown his way. Penn State was able to scheme him open on tons of plays throughout his entire career because they know that he was very reliable when called on. He’s got a knack for natural separation and finding the open spot of the field. If you watched him play, you were likely scratching your head, wondering where his defender was whenever he made a catch. While I’m not as sold as others are on his route-running ability, he’s gotta be doing something right to get that wide-open… even if he is schemed into the open field. The most impressive area of his game is the run after the catch. He’s not a physical runner, but he sure is shifty and opposing secondaries are going to be having nightmares of having to get their hands on Dotson after he makes the catch.

Needs to improve…

I fear for his ability to make the contested catch at the next level. He was “OK” at it in college but his lack of physicality could be an issue with defenders that actually know what they’re doing. Dotson will also have to go out there and “prove it” as a legitimate pro receiver. His college production is skewed, as Penn State seemed to scheme him into the open field, knowing that once the ball was in his hands he’d be able to make a play. I won’t dispute the talent he has in the open field, but I also can’t imagine a world where he’s getting used the same way as a pro as he was in college. Overall, there’s a lot to like about Dotson’s game, but I think he could be in for a rude awakening when he reaches the NFL.

Prediction for 2022 NFL Draft…

Dotson is a sure fire day two selection, with the most likely result being a 2nd round pick. His college stats do jump off of the page and he did have a solid performance at the NFL Combine. No NFL team is going to draft him to be their WR1, but he could be a great complimentary piece for many offenses. Currently, his mostly likely landing spots include Chicago, Detroit and Miami.

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

In 1QB leagues, expect Dotson to go somewhere in the 2nd round of those rookie drafts. The middle of the round should be good value, but if he lands in the right spot, he could go as early as the 2.01. I’ve mentioned in other player profiles that landing spot shouldn’t matter too much for wide receivers, but I think it will for Dotson. He’s gotta land in a spot where he has a very solid WR1 ahead of him in order to make the most of it on the stat sheet. Regardless of where he ends up, Dotson deserves to be noted as a top-10 receiver in this class. Our predictive model has him pegged as a “likely bust”, but with how shallow this class is, he’s worth the top-18 selection.

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