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Player Profile: Isaiah Likely

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 240 lbs

School: Coastal Carolina

NFL Comparison: David Njoku

Why you’re drafting him…

Likely is going to quietly make an excellent addition to whichever team drafts him. After four years at Coastal Carolina, Likely finished his college career with 42 games played, catching 133 balls for 2,050 yards and 27 touchdowns. His senior year was most impressive, as he accounted for 912 of his yards and 12 touchdowns in a single year. He may not have been in the toughest conference in college football, but posting a 900 yard season as a tight end is still a hell of an accomplishment. As a receiver, Likely is reliable. He doesn’t drop many balls and has a great knack for adjusting his body to make the catch. I wouldn’t call him a “mismatch” for opposing linebackers, but he sure as hell doesn’t make their job easy. His route tree is small, but the routes that he does typically run… well, he runs them well. Despite having a stellar year on the stat sheet, his real strengths come as a blocker, and that’s what’s going to get him on the field as a pro. He should have plenty of opportunities early on in his career in the NFL.

Needs to improve…

He gets a lot of credit for being a versatile receiver, but I’d like to see him develop an expanded route tree. He’d line up at the tight end position as well as outside, but there wasn’t much besides straight lines and a double move here and there. Then again, most teams aren’t expecting their tight ends to be polished route runners so it’s not the end of the world. There’s honestly not much to dislike about Likely’s game, he’ll just need to prove that his skills are legitimate and the numbers he put up weren’t just the result of being in an easy conference.

Prediction for 2022 NFL Draft…

Likely is likely (see what I did there) a day two pick, and should be selected right around the 2nd/3rd round turn. I don’t think he’ll be the first tight end off of the board, but he has managed to be the second or third one in many of my recent mock drafts. There are a lot of teams out there that could use Likely’s skill set, but Tampa Bay, Cincinnati and Jacksonville seem to make the most sense.

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

There’s too much risk with him to put him ahead of Trey McBride or Jalen Wydermyer, but he’s most definitely going to be worthy of a draft pick. Prior to landing spot, I’d consider taking Likely somewhere between the 3.09 and 4.02. However, if he’s drafted in round two to a team that could find a way to use him immediately, he could creep up those draft boards.

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