By Mikey Ostrowski

April is one of the best months of the entire year if you’re a fan of dynasty football. You get the excitement of buying and selling veterans while simultaneously planning for the NFL Draft and how it may affect some of your favorite incoming rookies. We’re all obsessed with creating NFL Mocks and may be just as obsessed with digging into details and finding out which incoming players currently hold the most value.

I’ve recently teamed up with 11 other fantasy fans and analysts to put together a two-round mock draft to see players explained from different angles.


With the 1st pick, Godfather League ( selects:

Breece Hall, RB from Iowa State

Hall has a high pedigree and is decorated 3-down running back. When I watch Hall, I see a lot of Javonte Williams. If he lands in the right landing spot, I expect him to push for the starting role from day one. Personally, I’d say that the ideal landing spots for him would be Buffalo or Houston.

With the 2nd pick, Ryan Miner of FF Faceoff selects:

Treylon Burks, WR from Arkansas

He may be dropping in most rookie drafts, but I know what I saw during the 2021 college football season. Sure, he may wear a 4XL glove with 9.75-inch hands and had a bad combine, but I’m not going to pass on Burks like I did with D.K. Metcalf a couple of years ago (still kicking myself in the head). This kid is the real deal! He can go up and make contested catches, he has pretty good speed (look at game tapes) and can break tackles like no other. As one of the best yards-after-the-catch receivers in his class, Burks accounted for 37.2% of all the Arkansas Razorbacks’ receptions over the last two seasons. He’s best comparable to former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. Burks is excellent at high-pointing the ball and making acrobatic catches (look at the game versus Ole Miss), great for 50/50, and tackle-breaking is second to none! He will more than likely start out as a slot in the NFL, but man, if you put this kid on the Packers… watch his draft stock start moving back up to pre-combine average.

With the 3rd pick, Steven Pintado of The Fantasy Coaches selects:

Garrett Wilson, WR from Ohio State

Watching Garrett Wilson at Ohio State was so much fun. His route running is smooth and electric with deceptive speed. His catchability is reliable, and he fights for those 50/50 contested catches. He has instant acceleration at any level on the field. He will be a strong WR 1 for any football team, and if he lands in the right spot, he should be the second player off the board in a dynasty draft.

With the 4th pick, Joey the tooth of IDP Guys selects:

Drake London, WR from USC

London is a red zone nightmare for defenses. His ball skills are the best in the class. He has elite size and catch radius with nuanced route running and strong hands. London has plenty of upper body strength and quick footwork to beat press coverage. He can dominate small outside corners while also lining up as a big slot and a chain mover.

With the 5th pick, Chris Lemke of Loaded Box selects:

Jameson Williams, WR from Alabama

I think there’s a tier break after the 1.04, so this pick was a little tricky. Whenever in doubt, go best player available, and Jamo is the guy with the highest ceiling at this point. Landing spots for KW3, Olave, or even Pickens could possibly bump their ADP’s above Williams, but the speed and inside/outside versatility are impossible to ignore with this burner. Can he reach the Ja’Marr Chase/Justin Jefferson stratosphere? Probably not, but he may be able to come close. This is Dynasty, so an ACL tear this early in a career only hurts the first month or so of production. I think he can possibly be ready for Week 1… and these are the types of gambles you need to take if you want WIN in Dynasty.

With the 6th pick, Mikey Ostrowski (yours truly) of Loaded Box selects:

Kenneth Walker, RB from Michigan State

Walker is not only my RB2 of the class… he’s also my #2 overall. I do like Garrett Wilson and Jameson Williams a bit more, but running backs are arguably the toughest position to come across in fantasy most years so I always favor these guys at the top of my rankings. While he may be a bit riskier than the four wide receivers taken ahead of him here, his upside at the running back position is huge. I typically wouldn’t go for a running back with a small track record as a pass-catcher, but Walker is a phenomenal pure-rusher (best in the class) and does have a Nick Chubb-esque ceiling. I’ll definitely want to see where he lands in real life, but he’s got a good chance to find himself in a very solid role in the NFL.

With the 7th pick, Ben Morgan of Fins Up Network selects:

Isaiah Spiller, RB from Texas A&M

For a second, I thought Mikey may take a chance on a guy like Chris Olave and that Kenneth Walker would fall to 1.07, but since that wasn’t the case, I’ll take the third running back off the board. I’m not the world’s biggest Spiller fan, but I see value in snagging a top-three RB in the 2022 NFL Draft mid-way through the first round. Spiller isn’t the type of RB that’s going to wow you and provide you with that can’t-miss feeling (at least in comparison to guys like Najee Harris and Javonte Williams in last year’s rookie drafts), but if he lands in an opportune situation via the draft later this month, you could make a case that he’ll garner some discussion in regard to the 1.01.

With the 8th pick, Dylan Mazzola of Underground Philadelphia selects:

Chris Olave, WR from Ohio State

At this point in the draft Olave may just be the best player on the board. His ability to gain separation through superb route running should transition well to the NFL. He does lack short burst speed, but he will make up for that on his separation downfield and his above average football IQ. I can see him having a long career as a solid WR2 that occasionally dabbles with WR1 status.

With the 9th pick, Geoff Lambert of GoingFor2 selects:

Rachaad White, RB from Arizona State

White is my RB4 currently and it’s his pass catching ability that has me taking him this high. I considered Pickens and Watson here, but they both come with question marks as to how they’ll be used in an offense. I know what White’s role will be, a third down back in a committee early in his career, with the potential for a 3-down role in the future.

With the 10th pick, DJ Premo (Degenerate Gambler) selects:

George Pickens, WR from Georgia

Pickens is getting less hype due to being out with injury most of the season last year. He is a tall, lengthy wide receiver with 4.4 speed. I’m getting some serious AJ Green vibes from him. If he goes in the back half of the 1st-round in the draft to the Packers or Chiefs, he will jump up to the top WR in this class. I’m getting an absolute steal at 11.

With the 11th pick, Adam Segal of FF Faceoff selects:

Christian Watson, WR from NDSU

Watson’s primary detractors point to his playing in the FCS and the lack of big competition is reason enough to stay away from him in drafts. However, do you know who else came out of the FCS and is pretty good? Cooper Kupp. Now, am I saying that Watson will be the next Kupp? Yes, obviously! Watson’s bloodlines (his father player safety in the NFL) and perfect RAS score of 10 are reasons enough to believe he’ll have an impact as a pro. An absolute freak of an athlete with tremendous speed, balance, and length. He realistically projects as a solid WR3 for a team with upside and great potential.

With the 12th pick, Eric Villar (friend of Loaded Box representing “the average Joe”) selects:

James Cook, RB from Georgia

Average joes select James Cook. He’s Dalvin Cook’s brother! Need I say more? He also won a national title. Not to mention he ran a 4.4 40-yard dash and can catch the ball. Complete steal at 12. Go Dawgs.


With the 13th pick, Godfather League ( selects:

Malik Willis, QB from Liberty

Dual threat QB with tremendous upside. To some, this still might be a reach, but time and time again QBs with Josh Allen/Lamar Jackson type of rushing upside can be league winners. Might not be instant starter in year one, but if he finds right environment, I’m willing to wait and see finished product.

With the 14th pick, Ryan Miner of FF Faceoff selects:

Zamir White, RB from Georgia

My RB4 at the moment (don’t knock it till you see him), Zamir White, could hear his name called sooner in the NFL Draft than most expect. Looking at his stats over the last three years, this kid has a lot to give to the next level, as Georgia hasn’t for a long time depended on just one running back. Leading Georgia in back-to-back years in rushing and showing that elusive 4.4 speed at the combine, you are getting a true, three-down running back here. Why do I feel I am the only one seeing this? His patience, burst through the line and is always falling forward when getting tackled. He runs laterally, but with his vision, if he has to, will bounce it outside if needed. Once in the open field, you better square up and tackle him or he will run right through you. He may not start as a starter right away but could be as easy as one injury away from making a name for himself.

With the 15th pick, Steven Pintado of The Fantasy Coaches selects:

Jalen Tolbert, WR from South Alabama

Jalen Tolbert will be a solid round-two choice in many rookie drafts. He possesses elite route running talent with the use of different speeds. He is a natural at tracking the ball and isn’t afraid of contested-catch situations. He continued to improve as his college career went on to having 1,400 yards and eight touchdowns during his final season. He is going to be an exciting player at the next level.

With the 16th pick, Joey the tooth of IDP Guys selects:

Jahan Dotson, WR from Penn State

Jahan Dotson is as shifty as he is elusive with the ball in his hands. He creates great separation at the line of scrimmage using elite footwork and forcing defensive back missteps and failed press. Dotson has excellent hands and ball skills and wins 50-50 balls at a high rate, especially due to his smaller stature. He is a bear to deal with in the open field and wins on all levels: screens, intermediate, and deep.

With the 17th pick, Chris Lemke of Loaded Box selects:

Skyy Moore, WR from Western Michigan

Skyy Moore is expected to be a Top-50 pick & could be one of 6-8 WRs taken in the 1st Round of this year’s stacked WR class. In the mold of Golden Tate or Randall Cobb, this WR can be a fixture as a WR2 or flex starter for years to come in your fantasy lineup. With the biggest hands of the WRs (10-1/4″) and a quick-twitchy stutter step release, Moore creates great separation (95th percentile). He also was top in the nation with 26 broken tackles. He won’t be drafted to be an alpha, but he’s someone you’ll be able to set & forget for years to come in what should be a very solid NFL career.

With the 18th pick, Mikey Ostrowski (yours truly) of Loaded Box selects:

David Bell, WR from Purdue

At one point in the off-season, David Bell was in my top-3 for this class. Obviously, as time goes on and more research was done, I strayed away from this take, but I’m still a big fan. His numbers at the combine were disappointing, but his on-field results in college were quite the opposite. Over the span of 29 games, Bell AVERAGED 8 catches per game for 101 yards and totaled 21 touchdowns in that timeframe. He was heavily relied on from day one by Purdue and I think he can evolve into a reliable player for an NFL team as well. No matter where he goes, he’s going to demand targets and getting him at this point in the draft is a steal (as long as he gets day two draft capital, of course).

With the 19th pick, Ben Morgan of Fins Up Network selects:

John Metchie, WR from Alabama

I was torn between two former Crimson Tide players with this pick (Metchie and Brian Robinson), but I went with Metchie due to his big-play ability and his potential fit in today’s modern NFL, where offensive coordinators scheme ways to get the ball to their playmakers in space. These are some of Metchie’s biggest qualities, and while he’s had some issues with drops in the past, and is currently rehabbing from an ACL injury, he has the talent to eventually become a solid WR2 for his next team either as a “Z” receiver or from the slot. He’s a good route runner, he’s got good speed, he creates yards after the catch and if it wasn’t for his ACL injury in the SEC Championship game, we may be discussing him a bit earlier in this draft.

With the 20th pick, Dylan Mazzola of Underground Philadelphia selects:

Trey McBride, TE from Colorado State

Hard to resist taking the TE1 on my board at this point in the draft. He does it all. He is willing to block, has a high football IQ and is coming off of a crazy senior season. He literally made up 37% of his entire college teams’ offense. Now is he comparable to Kyle Pitts or TJ Hockenson… no, but can he be in the tier right behind them alongside a guy like Pat Freiermuth. I genuinely believe that he can develop into a solid starting weekly TE within his first couple of years as a pro.

With the 21st pick, Geoff Lambert of GoingFor2 selects:

Alec Peirce, WR from Cincinnati

Pierce’s stat line isn’t that impressive, but after watching film, I think his lack of counting stats was from coaching and not lack of ability. At 6-foot-3, 211lbs and a 4.41 40-time, Pierce is an elite athlete that could easily step into a No. 1 role on the right team. Draft capital will be key for where he gets drafted in dynasty drafts, but for the purpose of this mock, I’ll take the talent and athleticism of Pierce.

With the 22nd pick, DJ Premo (Degenerate Gambler) selects:

Sam Howell, QB from UNC

I have watched a ton of Sam Howell over the last two years. Last year he was preseason favorite to win the Heisman but suffered from having the worst O line in CFB and no weapons. What he did show is that he is extremely athletic. He runs like Josh Allen, and no one is talking about it. He always throws a great slant and the best deep ball in the class. I’m obsessed.

With the 23rd pick, Adam Segal of FF Faceoff selects:

Ty Chandler, RB from UNC/Tennessee

Chandler didn’t play on a great offense in Tennessee, but I think he checks all the boxes to be a good NFL RB. He ran a 4.38 at the combine and displays confidence to be a good dual-threat out of the backfield. His balance is average as a runner, however, and needs to be more physical when taking on would-be tacklers. If he can add a bit more polish to his game, a team could be getting a true late-round gem in this year’s draft.

With the 24th and final pick, Eric Villar (friend of Loaded Box representing “the average Joe”) selects:

Tyler Badie, RB from Missouri

The average joes will close out the mock draft with than none other than absolute bad man Tyler Badie. This dude is five foot eight and two hundred pounds of pure evil. Runs, jumps, catches, and returns with an absolute evil mastermind level of talent. An incredible steal of a pick to get “evil variant Darren Sproles” at 24 overall.

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