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Player Profile: Trey Sermon

Trey Sermon finished the season on fire last year, but will NFL scouts buy into him

Height: 6′0″
Weight: 215 lbs
School: Ohio State

Why you’re drafting him…

The Trey Sermon we most recently saw is the one that put up 331 rushing yards on 31 attempts and two touchdowns against Northwestern in the Big 10 Championship game, followed by the Sugar Bowl game against Clemson where he posted 193 rushing yards and another touchdown on 31 attempts. Sermon was stellar in these two showcase games that everyone in the nation was able to see. For a COVID-shortened season (eight games in total) Sermon had 116 rushing attempts for 870 yards (7.5 Y/att) and four touchdowns. He showed powerful runs between the tackles, had defenders routinely bouncing off of him and had the patience to wait for blocks to develop to get through those running lanes and fall forward when being taken to the ground. Surprisingly, you also saw his pass-catching ability against Clemson as he had four receptions for 61 yards. His true pass-catching ability was put on display his first two years in Oklahoma where he recorded 28 receptions for 320 yards. He definitely has the ability to be a three-down back in the NFL. Pair him with a dual-threat quarterback like what he had in Oklahoma and Ohio State and you have a true weapon waiting to be unleashed

Needs to improve…

His biggest flaw that I was able to see is that he is an upright runner. In the NFL, upright runners tend to get injured more and are bigger targets for defenders to tackle. We also witnessed a very limited amount of games where Sermon was productive as nearly half of his total season production came in the Big 10 Championship game. Even though he continued to build on his success from the Big 10 Championship game in Ohio State’s next game against Clemson, most scouts are going to keep the big picture in mind where his film wasn’t as great. The downfall was the National Championship game against Alabama where he broke his collarbone on his first carry of the game, forcing him to miss the remainder of the contest. The little flashes he showed are those that teams want, but was it truly enough?

Predictions for the 2021 NFL Draft…

If Sermon would have been consistent all season long on top of his two stellar late-season performances, he could be in the calling as a day-two pick. With what he did in his freshman and sophomore year at Oklahoma the sky was the limit, but year three with the injury and the transfer to Ohio State in 2020 put a hindrance on his production. With the limited production at Ohio State, I can see Sermon slipping into day three as he’s far from an elite athlete but does show potential. He has the ability to be a solid back if he plays with a dual-threat quarterback. If he gets drafted by one of those teams, his pass protection and change-of-pace ability will help him get on the field and possibly be that diamond in the rough that teams often find at running back in later rounds

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

This part of football is hard, because as previously mentioned, with what we saw against Northwestern and Clemson, the sky’s the limit for this kid and he has the potential to be a fantasy steal if all the stars aline. If all goes well and he finds himself in an opportune landing spot following the NFL Draft, he could come off the board in the mid-to-late second round of rookie drafts. Currently, where we sit with him, he should go early-to-mid third round

Check out Zach Hicks of Stampede Blue break down Trey Sermon with the guys on the Loaded Box Podcast (Sermon discussion starts at the 41:20 mark of the episode)

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