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Player Profile: Trey Lance

Trey Lance is expected to be a top-10 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

Height: 6’4”
Weight: 224 lbs
School: North Dakota State
NFL Comparison: Cam Newton

Why you’re drafting him…

Lance has all of the makings of a successful quarterback in the new era of the NFL. He’s big, athletic and can get the job done in the air and on the ground. You’ll notice that my closest player comparison for him is Cam Newton, and while Cam did have about 20 lbs on Lance coming out of college, I’d call them incredibly similar players. Newton was known mostly for his running ability when he first entered the league, which is a trait that Lance also excels in. In his sophomore season at NDSU, he ran for 1,100 yards and 14 touchdowns on a whopping 169 attempts. He runs with a full head of steam and is more than capable of making a man miss in the open field. His passing stats were also a thing of beauty, where he had a 28 to 0 touchdown to interception ratio. His 2,700 yards in the air are nothing to write home about, but he did average 12 yards per attempt which is pretty damn impressive (for comparison, Trevor Lawrence’s best season was 9.4 y/a). He’s excellent on the run and should really shine in the NFL as a mobile quarterback. He’s also got a complete cannon and has the ability to drop dimes down the field. His small sample size will likely keep him out of contention to be a top two or three quarterback off of the board, but make no mistake, Lance is going to make an immediate impact for one lucky NFL franchise

Needs to improve…

I’m not entirely sold on Lance’s mechanics. While watching him play, I notice the occasional unnecessary arm movements and technique. While I understand that every quarterback has a different throwing motion, it really feels that his could be a lot more efficient. I could knock his accuracy to a slight extent… but the guy had one career interception in college so how inaccurate could he really be? Like I said, we only got to see one real season out of him, so there could be some hidden gems (and errors) to his game that we haven’t had a chance to see yet. Nevertheless, I think he’s going to find early success as a pro

Prediction for 2021 NFL Draft…

He’s going to be a Carolina Panther (I hope). All jokes aside, I do feel that it is likely for him to go in the top-eight selections. If no one trades up on draft day, I do see him landing in Detroit or Carolina at the 7th or 8th overall pick of the draft. Lance turned a lot of heads at his pro day and has cemented himself, at the very least, as a top-10 selection for the 2021 NFL Draft

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

While he’s not the safest option in the class, I think his fantasy ceiling is most definitely the highest. He’s got the big, bruising play style that made Cam Newton a yearly QB1, and as we’ve all realized over the years, mobile quarterbacks rule in the fantasy world. If by chance he does end up in Carolina and gets to start his career with Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore and Robby Anderson… well, you might be able to make a real argument to take him as the first quarterback off the board. If Lance lands with Carolina, he’ll be locked in as a top-20 (or even top-15) dynasty selection in 1QB leagues, where a trip to Detroit could push him down to the third round

Check out John Chapman of the 49ers Rush Podcast break down Trey Lance with the guys on the Loaded Box Podcast (Lance discussion starts at the 15:25 mark of the episode)

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2 thoughts on “Player Profile: Trey Lance

  1. I like big arm QB’s. As a Jets fan, I had wanted them to draft Josh Allen. The obviously didn’t do that. Right now there is a lot of hype on Zach Wilson. He does have a strong arm but he has a violent throwing motion and could be why he has had shoulder surgery (but I’m not sure). He even had a hammy issue on his pro day. He is 214 lbs. w/ 9.5 inch handles. And he isn’t super mobile. Many are projecting him as the #2 pick but I think that would be a mistake. Today’s model of the NFL is big mobile QBs. I believe Trey is a better option over the long haul.


    1. Wilson has a pretty small sample size of great film as well. On top of that, it was against fairly weak competition. But it looks like the Jets are pretty set on making him the pick at No. 2


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