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Player Profile: Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence leads the way as the 2021 NFL Draft's top prospect

Height: 6’6”
Weight: 220 lbs
School: Clemson

Why you’re drafting him…

Cleanest quarterback prospect since… Andrew Luck? That’s the narrative you’ll be hearing all offseason when NFL Draft analysts are discussing Trevor Lawrence. Start with his size: 6’6″, 220 lbs = prototypical NFL quarterback. Move onto the intangibles: big arm, accurate, good ball placement to allow receivers to create after the catch, does a good job progressing through his reads and making the correct throw, creates with his legs both by design and when plays break down. He checks nearly every box you have when selecting a franchise-leading quarterback. Speaking of being able to create with his legs, despite his large frame and what we’ve seen from quarterbacks in the past with similar body types, Lawrence’s ability to create when plays break down is a very underrated aspect to his game. Look no further than last year’s College Football Semifinal against Ohio State when Lawrence led the team in rushing with 107 yards on 16 carries including a 67-yard touchdown on a designed quarterback draw where he showed both escape-ability and speed (against NFL-caliber players from Ohio State). This same game also displays the “clutch-gene” as Ohio State seemed to be in complete control until Lawrence and the Tigers outscored the Buckeyes 29-7 over the game’s final two and a half quarters including a game-winning, 34-yard touchdown pass with just over 1:30 remaining. Lastly, even with how tall Lawrence is, and how long his arms are, he’s very efficient and quick with his throwing motion and release. This aspect of his game will be important at the next level with defenses being both faster and reacting quicker than what he’s seen at the collegiate level.

Needs to improve…

If there’s a knock on Lawrence, in my opinion, it’s the turnovers. His numbers aren’t bad, and certainly won’t stop him from being the top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, but eight interceptions his sophomore season is a bit more than you’d like to see. However, if there’s a silver lining regarding the 2019 season, it’s the fact that five of his eight interceptions came in the team’s first three games of the season (shaking off the rust, possibly?), and he didn’t throw a single interception over the course of the team’s final eight games. One thing he may struggle with early on at the next level is that he’ll hold onto the ball a little too long in an attempt to extend the play. He gets away with this at Clemson, due in large part to his teammates being superior to his opponents, but he’ll learn quickly at the next level that he won’t have the luxury of holding onto the ball and trying to create the big play as often as he does in college. Like I said, he doesn’t have too many downfalls.

Prediction for 2021 NFL Draft…

This one’s a slam dunk. Lawrence will hear his name called first in the 2021 NFL Draft when the Jaguars make their selection. Jacksonville isn’t passing on a franchise-changing quarterback, so go ahead and use permanent maker when making the first overall selection in your mock drafts.

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

Lawrence will be the first quarterback selected in your dynasty fantasy football league rookie drafts, and I’d expect him to come off the board anywhere between 1.05-1.10. It’s obviously going to come down to team needs as those who are set at QB will likely choose to pass on Lawrence for a RB/WR/TE, but if you’re drafting in this range and you’re content with you current QB situation, you may be in a good position to trade and acquire additional draft capital from a league mate that covets Lawrence.

Check out John Chapman of the 49ers Rush Podcast break down Trevor Lawrence with the guys on the Loaded Box Podcast (Lawrence discussion starts at the 6:15 mark of the episode)

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