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Player Profile: Pat Freiermuth

Pat Freiermuth is a top-three tight end heading into the 2021 NFL Draft

Height: 6’5”
Weight: 258 lbs
School: Penn State
NFL Comparison: Mike Gesicki

Why you’re drafting him…

Freiermuth doesn’t have eye-popping statistics; and that’s fine. Most tight ends don’t show out with massive numbers in college, but we can definitely get an idea on what type of player that could be in the NFL by examining the numbers (and film) anyway. Freiermuth brought in 92 receptions, 1,185 yards and 16 touchdowns over three seasons with Penn State, and one of those seasons only lasted four games for him. Compared to most tight ends, these stats are actually really awesome. He’s a natural athlete with soft hands and smooth routes and I think he has what it takes to develop into a special tight end at the next level. He doesn’t drop many balls and is pretty damn good at adjusting for difficult balls thrown his way as well. I wouldn’t say that he’s particularly NFL ready, but then again, not many tight ends actually are. The position has a massive learning curve attached to it in the NFL, but his ability to block should get him on the field very early on in his career, which will open doors for him down the road to become a pass-catching household name

Needs to improve…

He’s not the most explosive player, which is fine for how he’ll likely be used, but I wouldn’t expect him to be able to pop off very many massive plays. While I don’t doubt that he can get open, his shiftiness is definitely lacking… I understand that he’s a big dude, but I’d definitely like to see him be a bit quicker out there. I had mentioned that his ability to block should open doors for him – which is true – but I’d also like to mention that his blocking isn’t anything special, it’s just average for the position. The good news is that blocking is something many pass-catching tight ends really need to work on before they even see the field as a pro, so I do think that Freiermuth still has a leg-up with those abilities. All in all, his downfalls are more than likely related to his stature, so I’m not sure how much we can actually knock him for his shortcomings. I think he’s got a ton of potential

Prediction for 2021 NFL Draft…

My initial thought is that Freiermuth will be selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars. They’re working to completely revamp that offense, and the fact that they did not land one of the top tight ends in free agency leads me to think that one of their second-round picks (like pick No. 45 overall) will be Pat Freiermuth. Other potential spots include Atlanta, Cincinnati and Carolina

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

If I had to rank Freiermuth’s value based on the teams mentioned above, I’d definitely want him to land in Jacksonville or Carolina. Both of these teams are going to have so much potential moving forward and could really use a big-bodied, pass-catching tight end like Freiermuth. If he lands in one of these spots, I’d predict him to be a mid to late second-round rookie pick, while landing elsewhere could tag him in early-third territory. Freiermuth is my rookie TE3 heading into the NFL Draft behind Kyle Pitts and Brevin Jordan

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