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Player Profile: Javonte Williams

Javonte Williams is a name you may hear earlier than expected in the 2021 NFL Draft

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 220 lbs
School: North Carolina
NFL Comparison: Aaron Jones

Why you’re drafting him…

Williams has accumulated over 2,000 rushing yards and 28 total touchdowns over the last two seasons… with 1,140 of those yards and 22 of those scores coming in 2020. It’s obvious that Williams is a powerful runner that picks up steam quickly, but he’s also a really solid pass catcher. Over the last two seasons, he reeled in 42 balls for 481 yards and four touchdowns and has made a couple of spectacular grabs along the way. He’s got great vision and patience at the line of scrimmage and is more than capable at blocking, which will help him to find an every-down role at the next level. Williams is an explosive runner with fantastic balance that should do really well in the NFL

Needs to improve…

To be honest, there’s not much to knock Williams for. Sure, I’d like him to show a bit better agility, but it’s not like it’s a massive weakness in his game, and at that point we’re just asking to find “the perfect prospect”. He does show some momentary lapses with his decision making, but overall, I’d still give his patience and vision a fairly positive grade. Back in February, Williams was one of this draft class’ best kept secrets, however, he’s now considered a consensus top-three back in this class

Prediction for 2021 NFL Draft…

This guy will not make it to the third round. In fact, there is a slight possibility that he could be the first running back off of the board on draft day. Like I mentioned, there’s a ton to like about his game. He’s a very well-rounded running back with the elite trait of being incredibly physical while being able to maintain a great level of balance. Williams is one of the only running backs in this draft class that could successfully walk into a workhorse role in his first season in the NFL

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

Williams will be a top-five pick in most 1QB leagues out there, and depending on landing spot, a legitimate case can be made for him being the rookie 1.01. Running backs are always highly coveted, and while this class has some stellar receiver talent out there, the RBs will likely take over the majority of the first five or six selections. Situation is always relevant for running backs, so we’ll definitely want to see him land on a team that is starved for an elite back. Teams like Arizona, New York (Jets), or Atlanta could be an absolutely incredible spot for Williams, while other likely spots such as Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Miami could be almost as good. No one will call you crazy if Williams is your top-rated running back of this class… dude is that good

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