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Player Profile: DeVonta Smith

Alabama's DeVonta Smith is projected to be one of the first WR's to hear his name called at the 2021 NFL Draft

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 174 lbs
School: Alabama
NFL Comparison: Tyreek Hill

Why you’re drafting him…

Should I start by bringing up his stellar playoff performance against Notre Dame or can I simply highlight 173 catches for nearly 2,900 yards and 34 touchdowns over the last two seasons? While Smith did not “breakout” until his junior season, he was able to show up as a sophomore, catching 42 balls for nearly 700 yards. He was firmly put on most dynasty players’ radars by the end of his junior year, but it’s been his stellar senior year that has thrown him in the overall WR1 conversation for the 2021 NFL Draft class. He’s not the biggest guy out there, but he’s got “it”… and by “it”, I mean the insane ability to play football at a level higher than most could ever wish to achieve. He’s fast, shifty and makes jaw-dropping play after jaw-dropping play. His route running is a thing of beauty, and while he’s not as fast as Tyreek Hill, he definitely does offer that big-play ability on any given play. There’s a reason why he has a chance to be the first wide receiver since 1991 to win the Heisman Trophy

Needs to improve…

I would say that Smith has proven to be very NFL-ready. In fact, I don’t think anyone could really knock the guy on anything but his size. I’m sure we’d all like to see him weigh in closer to 185 by the time the NFL Combine gets here, but aside from that, there’s not a whole hell of a lot to dislike about the guy

Prediction for 2021 NFL Draft…

It would be insanely surprising to see Smith fall outside the top 10, hell, I’d be surprised if he makes it out of the top five or six. Being a legitimate finalist for the Heisman is more than enough to warrant him as the top receiver in this class, but with the dominate performance against Notre Dame when the stakes couldn’t be higher… well, that’s going to bode well for his draft stock. If I had to guess where he’d end up, I’d say either in Miami at pick #3, Cincinnati at #5, or Detroit at #7, though his size could push him down further on the draft boards than we all may expect

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

Smith is a guaranteed top-five pick in every single rookie draft no matter where he ends up. “Oh, but Detroit could be a nightmare spot for his fantasy stock” … yeah? We said the same thing about AJ Brown a couple of years ago and now anyone who passed on him is likely kicking themselves. Situations change but talent remains; and he is overflowing with talent. With the desires/needs at running back for most dynasty rosters, it is unlikely to see him go in the top two… then again, a talent like this doesn’t enter the league very often

Check out Zack Patraw of NFL Draft Bible on Sports Illustrated break down DeVonta Smith with the guys on the Loaded Box Podcast (Smith discussion starts at the 6:15 mark of the episode)

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