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Player Profile: Brevin Jordan

Brevin Jordan TE from the University of Miami

Height: 6’3”
Weight: 245 lbs
School: Miami
NFL Comparison: George Kittle

Why you’re drafting him…

Okay, I am fully aware that comping a tight end to George Kittle is extremely high praise, but as I watched Jordan’s tape, Kittle was the first player that kept coming to mind. Not only is the size nearly identical (Kittle is 6’4”, 247 lbs) but the playstyle is a near match. I’ll start with what will keep him on the field in the NFL; his blocking skills. Jordan is a more than capable blocker, which should bode well for his early career opportunities. One of the biggest reasons as to why tight ends typically take so long to adapt to the NFL is because they have to work on their blocking, but Jordan is one of the better blockers available at the position in this draft class and should see the field relatively early at the next level. Admittedly, he’ll have to keep working, as blocking NFL players will prove to be a tall task, but I have confidence that he’ll make the transition very well. While he won’t be the biggest tight end in the NFL, he certainly can make a case for being one of the most athletic ones. He knows how to run his routes, shake off a couple of tacklers, and keep fighting for the extra yard. He won’t be the fastest tight end to enter the NFL either, but he’ll definitely make a case for one of the most effective. Over the course of his last three college games, Brevin Jordan went OFF, hauling in 18 receptions for 311 yards and four touchdowns. Of the eight games Jordan appeared in in 2020, he was only held out of the end zone in two, one of them being against #1 ranked Clemson.

Needs to improve…

The thing that scares me the most about Jordan is the injury history, however, there is nothing to suggest that anything will linger into the start of his NFL career. Jordan hadn’t managed to stay healthy in any of his three seasons in Miami; racking up a handful of different injuries ranging from his shoulder to his ankle, so this is definitely something to monitor. I’d also like him to be a bit more aggressive when going up for the 50/50 ball, as I notice that he often lets the ball come to him rather than him going to it. Jordan does come with some concern, but he is otherwise an excellent prospect.

Prediction for 2021 NFL Draft…

Jordan is likely to go in round two of the NFL Draft, especially after his stellar end to the 2020 season. Some of my top landing spots for him would be with the Eagles, Jaguars, Patriots, or the Panthers, with the assumption that he goes somewhere between #38 and #47 overall. Like I said, the man has definitely helped his draft stock over the last month or so.

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

I know that a handful of people are going to call me crazy for comparing Jordan to Kittle, but I genuinely see a lot of Kittle in Jordan. For what that’s worth, I think that Jordan can be handled as a mid-to-late 2nd round rookie pick with some tremendous upside. If you can get him at the tail-end of the second, I think the risk/reward is MORE than worth it at that point. My favorite landing spots for him would definitely be in Jacksonville or Carolina, and while I do think that he won’t be one of the rare “shows up in year one” type of tight ends, I think that he could have a VERY bright future on one of those teams.

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