Wow! Another Super Bowl victory. I’m truly thankful and blown away. I know most of us Massholes are hard to deal with. Especially when watching the parade. Not all of us act like a frat boy drinking beer for the first time. OMG!!! 

I’m sure I’ve had arrogant comments and maybe bragged too much. But you have to understand our history to understand us. 

I grew up in the 80’s n 90’s as a young Masshole that relocated to South Florida in 1983. 

I was considered a Loser Boston fan down here. My Red Sox hat was a toilet bowl. People took major dumps on me when seeing it. And Steve Grogan was my only hope, like Ben Kanobi. I couldn’t even wear my Pats shirt in public for decades. I was embarrassed. 

Yes, the Celtics were awesome. And I wore my Larry Bird jersey every other day. But there’s something about football that you just can’t put into words. I fell in love at a young age. It had me at “Pigskin”. 

Pats fans have waited a long time for this team. For this franchise. For what we’ve had. And truth be told, we are very fortunate. We’ve got more than we needed. Or any fan base needs. We are spoiled. Oh well. Sorry I’m not sorry. 

Wait, that’s arrogant. My bad. 

It’s easy to be a dbag when people hate on you for winning. We have to defend the Cheatriots crap. Or the Brady not Goat cause he’s not undefeated in Championship games. Blah Blah Blah….

And yet I still need to rise up and be better. I’ll making a conscious effort. I promise to try.

Btw, this wasn’t by accident. It didn’t just come from no where. 

Getting a good coach and great QB that mix well together is HARD. 

Just like a relationship. Chemistry is key. A major key. 

Whether you respect or hate them, these guys have always worked well TOGETHER to put the best product on the field. AND, to strive for a Championship EVERY year. Nothing less is acceptable. The mindset and culture is what separates them from the rest of the league. Teams constantly changing coaches with no consistency makes it extremely difficult to win a Championship. That’s the edge that the Pats have over everyone else. 

No matter what, you’ve got to respect that. They’ve worked extremely hard and have the formula that you need for success in the NFL. It’s impressive.

I’m not running around bragging and shoving it in people’s faces today. Not that I’m like that. But a lot of “hate” was thrown at the Patriots/me to start the Playoffs. 

But I don’t get mad. I get even. 

However, today I’m more appreciative and talking how fortunate we were to pull out a victory. Arguably one of the poorer offensive games we’ve played. And yes, it was boring for the average fan. But the purest loved it.

Both defenses played phenomenal. Both defensive coordinators called a great game.

No matter how great your QB is, if the front four disrupt his timing, he becomes a different QB. Brady is a phenomenal QB. Despite his poor performance, he stuck it out and drove the length of the field for the only TD of the game. There’s no substitute for experience. I’ll spare you the Tom Brady Goat God Dime talk. But you have to admit he’s in a class of his own.

Sadly, the season is now over. No more fantasy lineups. No more of the glorious Redzone channel. And no more trash talking in the group text about our boy that only won one game. 

Ahh yes, the offseason. An important time for prep, but a boring not as awesome as football season time as well. 

(Says the Patriots’ fan)

I truly hope all of you get to feel what we’ve felt. It’s crazy!

Yesterday felt like my first parade. 

So cool how many I’ve enjoyed. 

The sweet just ain’t as sweet without the biter. Have faith people. Brady will retire one day. 😉


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